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PO Box 50350
Bowling Green, KY 42102

(270) 320-8666


Style & Heart


Style & Heart Co. is a concept years in the making by someone who has been on every end of fashion and clothing industry. As a customer, a sales associate, a store manger, a fashion buyer, and a fashion designer, I have seen the many glamours, as well as pitfalls, at every level of the  industry. At every one of these levels, I have witnessed the loss and neglect of people as individuals and our very essence as human beings - our dignity and value. I have always been a great advocate for women empowerment and have decided that I will contribute my part through the fashion and retail industries. 

It is my belief, that for a woman to feel valued, fulfilled, and beautiful, she must be able to express herself in a way that portrays who she truly is at the core of her being... -Senida Husic



The shop aims to provide fashion items that combine tasteful class with contemporary flare for the working and professional women ages 18 to 48. We understand that sometimes it might be difficult to find work-wear with modern and contemporary trend inspirations - which is why we have taken this opportunity to search high and low and deliver such fashions to you. We work with vendors from California, Turkey, China, and Indonesia to insure that we bring quality, affordable, and tasteful merchandise to our customers. Eventually, we want to design and produce our merchandise here in our hometown of Bowling Green, KY, because we are a strong supporter of our community and take great pride in our ability to give back and fuel our city's growth. 



The blog aspires to uplift and promote fashions of class, elegance, poise, modesty, and femininity - styles that have become sparse, to some financially unattainable, and rigorously shunned by the mainstream. Our mission is to show you style through the combination of current fashions nurtured with the elements that make for a perfect lady.

Because we love and support our beautiful community of Bowling Green, KY, 3% from the profit of EACH SALE will be given right back into our local charities and humanitarian efforts. We want to make this world a better place, and we decided to start with our hometown!